KAD Kongresse Events Alex


16 / Feb / 2018
KAD the event agency loves their new company bike
Company cars are so 2017...

16 / Oct / 2017
KAD the event agency is a canada specialist now
Oh Canada... Oh Canada...

11 / May / 2017
KAD the event agency is looking for Sherlock Holmes
Watson! We have a new criminal case...

08 / Mar / 2017
KAD the event agency has one more fan of the region Allgäu in their agency
You need to love the region Allgäu

21 / Feb / 2017
KAD the event agency has its own carnival specialist
Tradition is most important

There is a new face at the KAD event agency in NRW

We all know the fight between the soccer teams of Schalke against VFB Stuttgart - to keep the balance in our office in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have a swabian fan in our team - Jessica from Balingen.

We are really happy to have your support and of course we would love to have a swabian welcome dinner served by you! :-)
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