KAD Kongresse Event Brigitte


16 / Feb / 2018
KAD the event agency loves their new company bike
Company cars are so 2017...

16 / Oct / 2017
KAD the event agency is a canada specialist now
Oh Canada... Oh Canada...

11 / May / 2017
KAD the event agency is looking for Sherlock Holmes
Watson! We have a new criminal case...

08 / Mar / 2017
KAD the event agency has one more fan of the region Allgäu in their agency
You need to love the region Allgäu

21 / Feb / 2017
KAD the event agency has its own carnival specialist
Tradition is most important

Speech of Jan Eßwein the mindfulness trainer at KAD the event agency

KAD the event agency invited their clients to an evening with the trainer Jan Eßwein.

We are running around in our all day life, always with pressure to get everything done - and here is the mistake! We are not heedful!

We don´t pay 100 % attention to our counterpart, the "important" things in our life are getting lost and we stop thinking about our own well-being! We want to stop with this paradigm and started this with a speech of the rainer Jan Eßwein - this sounds interessting for you? We would love to send you the presentation! (only in german available)

Send an email to: kad.dauenhauer@kongressagentur.net


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