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Hamburg: Moin-moin!

“Kommt mal näher ran hier – wat seid ihr denn für 'ne lahme Truppe?!”
(Translation: “Roll up, you lazy bunch.”) Such utterances can only come from one special corner of Germany: the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The fish market and its stars, including Eel Dieter, Banana Fred and Cheese Tommi, the vast container port, the gangplanks, the Inner and Outer Alster – all these impart a unique flavor to Hamburg.

Then there are the splendid Hanseatic hotels, quirky and trendy bars, and, currently, eight star-rated restaurants. No wonder we’re able to recommend Hamburg wholeheartedly for an incentive trip. Not quite enough?

In that case, we can top it up with some unique experiences: Discover the secret nooks and crannies of the racy Reeperbahn mile, consolidate your team with stunt training or climb aboard a boat with your entire crew to tour the Warehouse District.

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